911 calls reveal slain Bay Shore mom Santia Williams' pleas for help ahead of her death

June 13, 2013
News 12

The family of a slain young mother says chilling 911 tapes show that Suffolk police failed to protect their loved one from her ex-boyfriend.

Police say Santia Williams, of Bay Shore, was shot and killed in July 2011 by her ex-boyfriend, Jason Jenkins, who then took his own life. Her family and an attorney say she was harassed, stalked and threatened by Jenkins, who she had an order of protection against, but say police did nothing to protect her or her children. Now, her family is suing Suffolk County, its police department and its sheriff’s department.

Attorney Fred Brewington played multiple 911 calls for News 12 Long Island. In one, Williams' little girl calls for help moments before her mother is shot.

In others, Williams herself pleads for help in the months before her death. In a June 20 phone call, Williams says Jenkins is threatening to burn down her house. In a July 4 recording, she says Jenkins took her baby from her.

Brewington says Suffolk police never arrested Jenkins, even after he violated an order of protection.

"He threatened to take the children," Brewington says. "He threatened to burn down the house. He threatened to kill them. What more do people need to understand as real before some action is taken?"

Suffolk authorities did not return calls for comment.