Christopher Cruz, Who Was Abused, Brutalized and Subjected to Gang Assault by Suffolk County Police, Files Notice of Claim in Preparation of Filing Civil Rights Lawsuit

March 4, 2020

Fred Brewington hosted a press conference at his office on March 4 in which Christopher Cruz announced, through his attorneys, that he is filing his Notice of Claim, his Demand to the Suffolk County District Attorney that police be prosecuted and his intention to file a Federal Civil Rights Suit against the County of Suffolk, the Suffolk County Police Department and nearly a dozen officers for their actions and failures relating to his brutalization, abuse and mistreatment.

The incident took place on February 24, 2021 in the early morning hours when Mr. Cruz was subjected to an unprovoked attack by Suffolk County police officers who cursed, slapped, pushed, punched, kicked and otherwise violated Mr. Cruz' rights in a vicious attack while he was handcuffed with his hands behind him. At no time did Mr. Cruz assault any officers, resist arrest or fail to comply with the officers' directions.

To add insult to the real injuries suffered by Mr. Cruz, police officers wrote and gave false statements and testimony and subjected Mr. Cruz to malicious abuse of criminal process, fabrication of evidence, filing false documents and perjured themselves. What is clear is that the police lied and provided false information in furtherance of an official investigation into the incident.

Mr. Cruz sustained multiple injuries including, but not limited to, being charged with crimes he did not commit; being hit about his head and knocked unconscious; post-concussion syndrome; other injury to his brain; lacerations and cuts; injuries to his left elbow, arms, wrists, shoulders and back; and being manhandled during his unlawful abuse by Suffolk County police. He also suffered scarring, loss of blood, physical pain, embarrassment, mental anguish and suffering, incarceration, and other damages not yet fully ascertained.

During the press conference, Mr. Cruz and his attorneys showed those in attendance video footage of the incident and copies of official court papers. They also gave details of Mr. Cruz’ case and the abuse to which he has been subjected by Suffolk County police.