Critics call for resignation of Hempstead School Board member Betty Cross, citing voter fraud, intimidation

June 12, 2014
News 12

HEMPSTEAD - Some residents in Hempstead are calling for the removal of a newly re-elected member of the Hempstead School Board.

Critics say Betty Cross stole her re-election by using dirty tactics, including voter fraud and intimidation. Attorney Fred Brewington and a coalition of supporters say they have evidence that longtime Hempstead School Board member Betty Cross used dirty tricks to ensure her own re-election.

Today, Brewington and others submitted a petition to state Education Commissioner John King, calling on the Education Department to invalidate the election and vacate Cross' seat on the board.

As News 12 has reported, Cross narrowly defeated challenger Maribel Toure last month. Brewington represents Toure and says suspicious absentee ballots helped propel Cross to victory by a four-vote margin. Some Toure supporters suggest race was also a factor in the alleged fraud.

A Cross spokesperson told News 12 that there is no evidence of any wrongdoing.

The district attorney's office confirms that it is actively investigating the results of the election.