July 12, 2008

On July 14, 2008 at 1:00 p.m. at the law offices located at 320 Carlton Avenue, Suite 3300, Central Islip, N.Y. 11722, the Family of KENNY LAZO, a Bay Shore man who was killed by Suffolk County Police on April 12, 2008, will hold a Press Conference. The family of Mr. LAZO has filed a Notice of Claim to Sue with the County of Suffolk and the Suffolk County Police. On April 12, 2008, MR. LAZO was stopped by Suffolk Police, was beaten and victimized by police who used unnecessary and excessive force which led to the death of this 24 year old individual. According to Suffolk County officials, the immediate cause of death was “SUDDEN DEATH CARDIAC [ARREST] FOLLOWING EXERTION ASSOCIATED W/ PROLONGED PHYSICAL ALTERCATION W/ MULTIPLE BLUNT IMPACTS.” The brutal actions of police caused Mr. LAZO to suffer unbearable agonizing pain. The results of autopsy, reveals that the actions taken against this unarmed man were both unnecessary and inhumane. Despite numerous attempts to have the official information about this case made public, Suffolk County officials and Suffolk County Police officials have failed to do so. The names of the Police Officers that killed KENNY LAZO HAVE STILL NOT BEEN RELEASED. The family and their attorneys will release shocking information about the actions of Police and killing of KENNY LAZO. In addition, since the Suffolk County District Attorney and the Suffolk County Police have failed to act on this brutal killing, the family of Mr. LAZO will call for the release of the investigation on the death of their family member and the immediate presentation of this matter to the Suffolk County Grand Jury seeking murder charges for those responsible.

FREDERICK K. BREWINGTON, ESQ., one of the Attorneys for the family of KENNY LAZO said, “This case yet another outrageous example of the abusive use of Police authority that caused the death of a citizen. The Medical Examiner has clearly labeled this case a ‘Homicide’ which means that the actions of these police must be evaluated as criminal. Not only was Mr. Lazo abused, at least part of his abuse happened in the police precinct. All the actions must be viewed likewise as criminal and evaluated as such.”

PATRICIA GONZALEZ the Mother of KENNY LAZO said, “Three months ago my son was murdered. The only reason why my son is not here today is that the Police took his life. We are hurt and angry that we have lost our loved one and hope that our voices will not be ignored. We intend to make the County pay attention and will continue to demand action. We will force the County to take steps to ensure that no other family is hurt the way we have been hurt.”

MR. BREWINGTON stated, “The information shows that Mr. Lazo was beaten repeatedly with a flashlight and had no means to protect or defend himself. If this were the killing of a civilian by anyone else but police, arrests would have been made and indictments sought. Why is there a double standard? Why haven’t the names of those who beat this man to death been disclosed to the family and the public? There is something terribly wrong here.”

DAVID A. PINCUS, ESQ. co-counsel with Mr. Brewington stated, “If we allow this case to be ignored, every sense of justice we claim to value is meaningless. It is our duty to see that proper action is taken.”

The Press Conference will be held at 1:00 p.m. in the law office at 320 Carlton Avenue, Suite 3300, Central Islip, N.Y. 11722 on July 14, 2008. MR. BREWINGTON will be joined at the Press Conference by the Mother of KENNY LAZO, his co-counsel and other members of the community who support the family and call for action in this case.