Farmingdale Electrical Worker Captures Video Of Noose Hanging In Workspace

April 23, 2021
News 12 The Bronx

A Farmingdale electrical worker made a chilling discovery when he found a noose hanging in a workspace and caught it all on video.

Kyrin Taylor, 23, is an apprentice at Cooper Power & Lighting. He says he found the noose Tuesday morning and used his cellphone to take video of it.

"I should not have to worry about my safety,but now I do," says Taylor. "I don't think this has anything to do with electric."

Taylor says the noose was hanging in the tool room -- a room that everyone has access to. Taylor says he is the only African American employee at the company and believes he was targeted.

"I instantly felt anger. I felt scared - felt like my life was in danger," says Taylor. "I didn't know what to really do to be honest."

Taylor called his union and the police about the discovery but says he was disturbed by the boss's reaction.

The boss is captured on video telling Taylor that he should have called him before the police.

"I couldn't believe that he didn't show any compassion, didn't say sorry or have my back," says Taylor. "He made it seem like I was wrong for calling the police and asking for help."

Fred Brewington, Taylor's attorney, says, "This employer and his statements and chastising this young man particularly at a point where he's been a victim is appalling."

Taylor says he believes it was two employees who hung the noose, and that neither were fired. He says because his co-workers didn't get reprimanded, he doesn't feel comfortable working at Cooper Power and Lighting.

Taylor says his union has since transferred him to another company.

Suffolk police say they are investigating the incident.