Fred Brewington Explains “The Three Hs”

November 20, 2020

Fred Brewington was interviewed in the November issue of Super Lawyers about how “the three H’s” — hopelessness, hatefulness and helplessness — have resulted in minorities having little to no access to the ballot box on Election Day. In the article, he talked about how Goosby v. Town of Hempstead and Flores v. Town of Islip have resulted in giving more voting power to African-Americans and Latinos, respectively, but more work needs to be done at the national level during the presidential election.

“The major issues of voter suppression and ballot access are clearly on the front line for this time in our history,” Mr. Brewington said. “The need to make sure that polling places are open and available and seeing that people have options to vote seems to be what everyone should endorse. As we look at ourselves in this pandemic, what is it that we need to address to make sure that no more barriers are put up, and those that exist are torn down? That should be the conversation.”

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