Lawyer: Nassau Officials Covering Up Politically Motivated Arrest

January 6, 2014
WCBS Radio

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Randy Hoskins-White was treated like a caged animal by Nassau County police, and officials are trying to cover up his politically motivated arrest, the man’s lawyer alleged Monday.

In his notice of claim filed on White’s behalf — the first step toward filing a lawsuit — attorney Fred Brewington points the finger at both the county executive’s and district attorney’s offices.

“We are saying that there is a conspiracy that’s going on here,” Brewington told reporters, including WCBS 880 Long Island Bureau Chief Mike Xirinachs. “There’s real concern here, and, yes, we are suggesting that there is a cover-up. There’s a cover-up that goes from the heights down to the rank-and-file.”

Brewington also joined the chorus of calls for an outside investigation into the case.

“Someone needs to put the hard, tough questions to these elected and appointed officials and make them answer for their actions,” he said.

White’s arrest led to the sudden resignation of Nassau Police Commissioner Thomas Dale last month. Prosecutors found that Dale directed police officers to pull over a county bus in October and arrest White, a witness in a campaign-violations case involving a local mayor. White was arrested for an unpaid $250 fine.

“He’s a victim,” Brewington said. “And their whole claim about victims’ rights is going out the window when it comes to this young, black man.”

Days after Dale’s resignation, Democratic legislators, who made it clear they suspected involvement by Nassau County Exeuctive Ed Mangano, began demanding a special prosecutor conduct an independent investigation.