Long Island Advocates for Police Accountability Call for Nassau County to Come Clean on Police Accountability and Disclose Shocking News on Racial Disparities

December 1, 2020

On December 1, 2020, Long Island Advocates for Police Accountability (LIAFPA) held a press conference at the Law Offices of Frederick K. Brewington, where the group disclosed shocking statistics about police actions and racial disparities in Nassau County.

LIAFPA unveiled the failures of Nassau County to earnestly pursue police reform and to provide the public with necessary information about the levels of bias which are clear in the Nassau County Police Department. The group also showed how the current process being sponsored by Nassau is not intended to address the serious problems which exist as are demonstrated by Nassau’s own reports. Frederick K. Brewington, Esq., Tracey Edwards, Amy Marion and Dennis Jones from LIAFPA addressed these issues and provide appalling information that Nassau has failed to tell the public.

LIAFPA is a coalition of organizations and individuals from Nassau and Suffolk Counties working to rethink how policing is conducted and to bring about meaningful change in these two counties. The coalition was formed in response to the murder of George Floyd and the recognition that too many people in communities of color have been and are the subjects of police misconduct that has for too long gone unchecked.

"If we were to grade them, they'd get a big, fat F,” Mr. Brewington said. “And the F would come because they have failed to provide documentation, data, pieces of paper, reports or any information that we could really rely on to do the work that we've been asked to do."

Since the County of Nassau is unwilling to take this work seriously, LIAFPA is planning with other community groups to draft and release the Peoples’ Plan which will address the multiple concerns that will lead to changing the police culture that currently exists. The plan for the creation and release of the Peoples’ Plan will be discussed. The groups will engage in a real process and the hard work necessary to collect the necessary information; engage vast parts of the community; provide multiple forums for input such as listening sessions; task and fund non-politically connected and independent professionals in the areas of social work, psychology, community health, mental health, education, police science, law, economics, and others to bring about meaningful and long-lasting change, which is being demanded by the people of Nassau, Suffolk, New York State and our Nation.