Officer Dolores Sharpe accuses Nassau County Police Department of racial harassment

December 5, 2013
News 12

A Nassau County police officer claims she was racially harassed by fellow members of the Nassau County Police Department.

Officer Dolores Sharpe, a 19-year veteran of the Nassau County Police Department, claims she was harassed and abused by two white police officers at the Dollar Tree in West Hempstead last Friday.

Her attorney, Fred Brewington, says Sharpe was shopping when officer Charles Volpe approached her "in a stalking-like manner” as she was about the enter the store and made offensive comments. Brewington says the comments would have made “a sailor's hair turn.”

Sharpe's attorney claims she showed her badge and identified herself. The officer allegedly told Sharpe she was interrupting an investigation.

When Sharpe left the store, another officer appeared and pulled Sharpe over. She was then charged with resisting arrest.

The Nassau County Police Department says it can not comment on the incident because of an ongoing internal affairs investigation.

Sharpe has been suspended without pay.