Randy White, 30, filing civil rights suit against Nassau Police Department for alleged inappropriate strip search

August 8, 2014
News 12

HEMPSTEAD - The Nassau County Police Department is facing a federal civil rights lawsuit filed by a man who says his strip search went way over the line.

Randy White, 30, says he was strip-searched and cavity-searched after being arrested for failing to pay a $250 fine for allegedly selling bootleg CDs on the street. White has now filed a lawsuit against the county, police department and others.

His attorney, Fred Brewington, says police violated his civil rights, and that anyone else who may have committed a similar offense never would have been treated the same way in jail. As News 12 Long Island has reported, White was a campaign worker for Freeport Mayor Andrew, who was attempting to wage a failed third-party bid for county executive. White later testified to a grand jury about alleged election law violations.

Hardwick's chief financial supporter, Oheka Castle owner Gary Melius, then telephoned then-Nassau Police Commissioner Thomas Dale to try to file a perjury charge against White. Police ran a background check on White and he was arrested.

Commissioner Dale ended up resigning after the incident came to light.

White's father says the entire incident has seriously affected his son's emotional state.

The Nassau Police Department declined to comment, citing the pending litigation.